301 Valley View rd. Sterling CN

Okay Island  Located 30 minutes outside of Providence on 14 acres of property. This lush land is your modular start for hosting any creative venture or event.

The Barn  The main building is 1800' sq with another `250'sq upstairs. A long white open space with natural light, and high ceilings, and heated cement floors. With many modern updates this horse barn still glows with its old charm.

Our favorite space for wondering.

Fire Pit 
Gather around our family-sized fire pit complete with long log benches for sharing.

Bento  A uniquely renovated Winnebago parked just beyond the treeline for a fully-emersive woodland experience within reach. Ask about renting to stay overnight

It’s probably not haunted. A small graveyard from the 1600’s that is definately worth a walk through.

Bee Keeping Area
Opperated by Wild Aster Honey co. We host about ___ happy bee’s for honey making.

Out House  
But make it chic with a view of the stars.